Time for a change of direction: KSP launches the SP election campaign

On Tuesday, the SP will present the posters for the 2019 election campaign in Bern. They were created by the Zurich agency KSP.

"The SP is fighting for a work-life balance, for more investment in renewable energies and thus in climate protection, for lower health insurance premiums and for good jobs also for people over 50. These are precisely the topics that the poster campaign takes up," says Nadine Masshardt, political campaign manager and SP National Councilor.

KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner is responsible for the implementation of the subjects. Using a ravioli tin, stuffed animals or birthday candles, the agency visualizes and dramatizes the individual themes. Without making too much of a drama out of it in each case. The resulting appearance is intended to be concrete in the individual subjects, positive and constructive in the content and goals, and positive and constructive in the overall effect.

For Christian Levrat, Council of States and SP President, and many others, the last legislative term means four lost years. The four core issues and the overarching subjects are intended to mobilize SP voters in order to bring about new majorities and thus a change in policy on October 20.

Responsible at SP Switzerland: Christian Levrat (Council of States, President SP Switzerland); Nadine Masshardt (National Councilor, political campaign manager); Rebekka Wyler (Co-Secretary General SP Switzerland); Philipp Ryf (Campaign Manager SP Switzerland). Responsible at KSP: Uwe Schlupp (creative direction); Michelle Mancina, Florence Schaffter, Anita Kummer (art direction); Nico Kesper, Daniel Zehnder, Olivia Elger (text); Tiffany Gaggia (consulting); Noemi Rubera (DTP); Nicolas Bruni (photography); Lorenz Wahl (image editing).


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