Sir Mary promotes Allianz pensions for those who have other things on their mind at the moment

Zurich agency Sir Mary is promoting "Flex Saving", Allianz's new pension product, with a music video and the snotty slogan "Schiss uf morn!".


Providing for the future is boring. Especially when you're young and have a thousand other things on your mind than securing your own financial future. But for the younger generation in particular, the pension situation in Switzerland is becoming increasingly complicated. The annual Credit Suisse Youth Barometer shows that 50 percent of young people are already worried about their retirement provision.

"As an insurer, it is our duty to do something for young adults," says Claudia Staub, Head Digital Experience and Ecosystem at Allianz Suisse. That's why the insurer is launching "Flex Saving," its latest retirement product that adapts easily and flexibly to the needs of young people. "But before you get into the product, you have to start talking about retirement planning first," Claudia Staub explains.

The result is a rap video entitled "Scheiss auf morgen!" - or in dialect "Schiis auf morn!" - abbreviated S-U-M-O - which reflects a basic attitude of many young adults when it comes to precaution: to live unconcerned in the here and now instead of having to worry about tomorrow.

Pop culture instead of advertising

For the video, Sir Mary was looking for musicians who live their lives true to the motto "Schiss uf morn!". This resulted in a cooperation between the Swiss rap crew Möchtegang and Dominik Richter, who prefers to collect money on crowdfunding platforms for a demo video of his one-man digeridoo techno band instead of finishing his studies.

When developing the song, the musicians had complete artistic freedom. Only the motto was given and it was agreed to produce a music video, which should be shrill and play through pointed statements and gestures in the hearts of the target audience. Sir Mary brought the German director Shan Blume on board, who has long since made a name for himself as a director of McFitti videos with the corresponding aesthetics. Doity was awarded the contract as the production company. The Berliners were able to convince with their long list of clients with names like Sido, Marteria, Nena or Silbermond.

Cross-channel editorial distribution

The music video, which is bursting with self-mockery, has been written about in both the View as well as on Radio Energy. Special attention was paid to the topic of how insurance companies should advertise today in order to attract the attention of younger target groups.


Behind The Scenes: Impressions from the shooting


Responsible at Allianz SuisseCorina Brunner, Simone Schmitt, Claudia Staub, Thomas Wegmann. Responsible for Sir MaryFlorian Beck, Andi Portmann, Pascal Baumann, Constantin Camesasca, Tobias Röben, Paul Gutjahr, Jennifer Meier, Ria Breitenmoser, Nicolas Hostettler, Iva Bozovic, Ana Brankovic, Fabian Habisreutinger, Katharina Günther, Eticus Rozas, Daniel Zuberbühler. Music: Möchtegang, Dominik Richter, Dominik Perino (producer); Gadget, Reto Lazzarotto (coordination/management). Film production: Doity, Sascha Pollack (producer); Shan Blume (director).


In addition to the video and the media strategy, Sir Mary also designed the landing page and various paid measures. Special attention was paid to the online advertising material. These are visually based on the music video, but were intentionally produced with mobile and have channel-appropriate content for Instagram Stories and Facebook Ads. The campaign is extended with Native Stories in high-reach media. Through the data points generated in this way, the target audience is split into different segments. Finally, they are addressed individually again via cross-channel retargeting with messages tailored to their needs.

The campaign will run until the end of August and has got off to a successful start, not least because of the untypical music video for an insurance company. The fact that the song was also controversial was a calculated move: "We want young adults to talk about pension provision. That's why we allowed the musicians to address topics that don't concern us at Allianz, but young adults," says Claudia Staub, adding: "Of course it's polarizing and explains some of the negative reactions. But it's not for nothing that Allianz's brand promise is: "Courage means making.

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