Film Tannery for Mictic: An Air Guitar Makes Real Music

Mictic wristbands react to movement and let users become cellists, pianists or experimenters. Filmgerberei produced WebAds for the Zurich startup and thus presented the world's first body instrument in the picture.


The Mictic wristband takes advantage of augmented reality. It produces sounds based on body movements and transmits them in real time to the associated app on the tablet or smartphone. Thanks to integrated sensors, multiple and different instruments can be played. A group of people can thus also function as a band.

The sounds range from classical cello sonatas to robot sounds. The interactive musical instrument is intended to support musicians and dancers in their work as composers and choreographers. Especially the less traditional sounds of robots or lightsabers offer potential for up-and-coming artists in this field.

Merging art and information in the image

Explaining the product in the picture had to be well thought out. How does it become clear to the viewer that the music comes from the wristband and was not simply added as a soundtrack in post-production? With the result, Mictic wanted to appeal to a young, urban audience that doesn't watch long-winded explanatory films.

"The combination of explanatory elements together with a very modern and dynamic cut was the big challenge. But that's also why the editing was so much fun," says director and editor Alun Meyerhans, describing the process.

The air guitar sounds from 2020

"After three years of intensive product development, we are finally ready for the final step, namely the development of a user-friendly smartphone app. In order to generate the necessary funds for this, we are now accepting our first pre-orders," says Rolf Hellat, founder and CEO of the Zurich-based startup Mictic. The young company has teamed up with the Swiss Startup Factory's Company Building Team to bring their product to market. The final product will be available from 2020.


Responsible for MicticRolf Hellat (Founder and CEO); Tobias Witt (Marketing). Responsible for FilmgerbereiMarike Löhr (producer); Alun Meyerhans (director and postproduction); Silvio Gerber (camera).

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