Mainland launches recruiting campaign for EW Buchs

The St.Gallen-based agency Festland has launched a campaign to promote the versatile and promising apprenticeships offered by the electricity and water works of the town of Buchs EWB.


In order to make more young people aware of the advantages of an apprenticeship as an electrician or commercial clerk, Festland has created an additional benefit together with EWB: From now on, all apprentices will receive their own e-scooter.

The new scooter fleet has been on the road in Buchs since mid-August. The special job benefit is also the focus of the recruiting campaign created by Festland with ads on Snapchat and Instagram, posters and flyers at schools, and a trailer video on the apprenticeship portal Yousty.

Responsible at EWBGermaine Hiltbrunner (Head of Marketing); Gordana Gessner (Head of Human Resources); Christina Haltiner (Apprentice Manager). Responsible for mainland: Andi Ackermann (Host); Othmar Geser (Product Lead); Elena Neff (Process Lead); Marco Casile (Concept/Text); Nina Engeler (Design); Kevin Wildhaber (Video/Photo); Rouven Niedermaier (Interaction).

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