Formeldrei for the BFU: Caution, children surprise in road traffic

Formeldrei, together with the BFU, has won a pitch process before the Fund for Road Safety (FVS) for the new national campaign on the way to school. With the new campaign, the agency is raising awareness among drivers of the unpredictable behavior of children in road traffic.


Children play, chat and daydream on the way to school, forgetting that dangers lurk on the road. This behavior is age-related and road traffic is a major challenge. Children's awareness of dangers is still poorly developed and they have a limited field of vision due to their smaller body size. This is why the BFU's three-year campaign focuses on raising the awareness of adults in road traffic.

Formeldrei implemented all online and offline communication measures for the national campaign financed by the FVS: Posters, online measures, Website, spots, 360-degree VR movies, explanatory videos and various print measures. 

Responsible at BFU: Jürg Beutler (Head of Communications); Peter Matthys (Head of Campaigns); Franziska Leemann (Campaign Manager). Responsible for Formeldrei: Moritz Adler (creation and concept); Marco Mesot (concept and consulting); Lukas Bürki (art director); Matthias Guggisberg (graphics and digital). Film production and 3D animation: Boutiq Films. VR Movies and Kids Explain Movies: Crunch. Website Front- and Backend: Internezzo. Website design: Arillo.

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