TBWA\Zurich: Experience a lot with the new SwissPass Smile

Swiss Public Transport, led by SBB, TBWA\Zurich and Unic, launches the new program for children, young people and families, offering inspiration and offers for more experiences in everyday life and leisure. The relaxed campaign for this is also provided by TBWA\Zurich.


Magic Ticket (former kids' club) and Gleis7.ch (former youth program) will now become SwissPass Smile. A free program of Swiss public transport that aims to delight the everyday life as well as the leisure time of children, young people and families with ever new ideas. The online platform swisspass.ch/smile offers a broad and individualized selection of exclusive offers from exciting brands and plenty of inspiration for excursions big and small. So whether you want to go on a voyage of discovery through the country's UNESCO treasures or prefer to look for new swimming pools - at SwissPass Smile you get the total package travel experience from a single source.


The new "Much Experienced" campaign, which promotes the SwissPass Smile offer, has been on display in Switzerland since the beginning of August. The focus is on children, young people and families - who are taking a well-deserved break on the train or in the Postbus, after all they have already experienced a great deal thanks to SwissPass Smile. The subjects shine in the new film, on posters, and in a broad-based online campaign.


Even the way becomes an experience

As a member of SwissPass Smile, you enjoy not only the exciting destinations, but also the way there. Children (and the young at heart) can listen to a special audio play about the little castle ghost of Rapperswil with MärliTrax. The fairy tale is accessible free of charge via the online platform exclusively on all Swiss public transport trains and was inspired by the popular St. Gallen - Geneva train route.


The Digital Library is another offering of the online platform. Members can browse a handpicked selection of nonfiction books and novels on all trains and read them free of charge during their journey. The library was developed in collaboration with Orell Füssli.


The agency TBWA\Zürich, which won the account after a multi-stage pitch, was responsible for the concept, design and campaign. The online platform was implemented in collaboration with Unic. The Responsive website always shows individual content to the different target groups and thus ensures even greater relevance in everyday life and leisure.

Responsible at SBB: Reto Meissner (Head of Marketing Communications), Nicole Tschanz (Head of Marketing Conception National), Dominic Lüthy (Responsible Family and Youth Marketing), Marion Renn (Communications Manager Children and Youth Marketing), Jasmin Radakovic (Communications Manager), Sabrina Rizzo (Campaign Manager), Corinne Schneeberger (Media Manager) Belinda Baumgartner (IT Manager). Responsible at TBWA\Zurich: Manuel Wenzel, Bruce Roberts, Carolin Widemann, Ennio Cadau, David Voges, Roger Krage (Creation), Nadja Stickl, Chantal Szabo, Christin Linn (Consulting),Tayfun Oezer, David Edelmann (Digital), Simona Mink (DTP). Responsible at Unic: Martin Eisenring (Account Management), Katrin Ulmer (Consulting), Tobias Fink, Olaf Kaiser-Otto, Thomas Zbinden (Backend), Benjamin Sonley, Robin Löffel, boffinHouse (Frontend). Responsible at Tuna: Justin Stokes (director), Dan Cermak (photography), Tufan Tuna (executive producer), Derya Tuna (producer).

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