Bold launches cross-media campaign for BFU

With "Smart Rider", Bold is launching a cross-media campaign for the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention BFU that highlights the benefits and importance of modern driver assistance systems.


Most accidents on the road are due to human error. But smart cars think for themselves and help minimize the risk of careless moments. The blue speedster - protagonist of the campaign implemented by Bold - has been on billboards and the Internet since June.

The central element of the campaign is the web portal Smartrider.chwhere car owners and buyers can quickly and easily find out about the latest driving assistance systems and find the model that suits their needs. It explains the systems with attractive animations and evaluates their safety benefits. Which car model has which systems can be compared.


Responsible at the BFU: Nadia Ingenhoff (Research Associate Traffic Behavior); Christoph Jöhr (Head of Traffic Behavior); Nathalie Wirtner Julmi (Campaign Manager); Jürg Beutler (Head of Communications); Peter Matthys (Head of Campaigns). Responsible agencies: (conception, design, UX, copywriting, producing, frontend development); Webexcess (backend development).

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