TBWA\Zurich for SBB: Climate-neutral travel

It's summertime - many people are flying on vacation. At the same time, the issue of flight shame is highly topical. Together with TBWA\Zurich, SBB has launched a campaign to draw attention to its climate-friendly Europe offers.


In times of Greta Thunberg and the global climate strikes, excessive flying is increasingly criticized. Especially short-haul flights within Europe could often be avoided and replaced by a more climate-friendly alternative. One of these is train travel. SBB is therefore promoting its attractive - and climate-friendly - Europe offers in a campaign. TBWA\Zurich is responsible for the idea.

For this purpose, an SBB carriage was redecorated into an airplane, with airplane windows, train attendant and the typical announcements. The action was carried out on Tuesday morning and surprised travelers on their way to the airport and to Bern. The SBB social media team documented the whole thing and subsequently shared it on social media.


Responsible at SBB: Reto Meissner (Head of Marketing Communications); Christina Shibby Schmid (Head of Content Creation); Stefanie Widmer (Communications Manager); Urs Schlunegger (Content Creator); Urs Plattner (Production). Responsible at TBWA\ZurichManuel Wenzel, Tizian Walti, Angelo Sciullo, Isabelle Benz, Aron Meier, Anouschka Tschudi (creation); Nadja Stickl, Christin Linn (consulting).

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