Sir Mary launches online security check for UBS

Although e-banking and mobile banking are being used more and more, security concerns are keeping Swiss people from conducting their banking transactions digitally. Sir Mary has created a tool for UBS that provides every user with tips on safe online behavior within a few minutes.


UBS mobile banking solutions are more secure than many e-banking services. Sir Mary has launched the "Security Check" for UBS in order to provide clients with even better information on security issues and to raise awareness of important behavioural patterns.

The online tool comes with appealing illustrations and becomes a personalized guide to safe online behavior for every user within a few minutes. It not only covers topics such as online banking, but also a wide range of applications such as online shopping, password protection and device-specific tips.

"User behavior plays a crucial role, because it is not uncommon for cybercriminals to try to obtain sensitive data with targeted attacks on the human factor. This
We counteract this fact in a targeted manner with our digital security building blocks and ongoing education. We see the Security Check as an important part of this," says Stefan Brunner, Head of Digital Banking at UBS.

As a playful online quiz, the Security Check fulfils several tasks: "With a personalised evaluation, the Security Check raises awareness of actual dangers and communicates simple measures with which Internet users can make their behaviour safer. At the same time, the check also contributes to reducing security concerns through education by showing that a great deal is being invested in security technologies and reducing false prejudices," says Tino Elsener, Account Director at Sir Mary.

Sir Mary is responsible for the conception, user interface, evaluation mechanics as well as the design of the online-
Tools responsible. The tool was launched on 31 January 2019 and received positive feedback. In addition, a supplementary version has recently been launched, specifically aimed at SMEs, with the aim of raising awareness of safe behaviour in the workplace.


Responsible at UBSMarc Délèze, Julia Odermatt-Stefanides (Digital Products Distribution); Stefan Brunner (Head Digital Banking); Stephan Odermatt (Head Segment Management & Digital Transformation Personal Banking). Responsible for Sir MaryTino Elsener, Maurizio Rugghia, Patrik Kesseli, Pascal Baumann, Carla Müller, Antonia Meyer, Joanna Lawniczak (illustrations). Technical implementation: BlockFactory.

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