Y&R Wunderman: A Deal for Infinity

The new campaign for the unlimited UPC Mobile subscription captivates viewers with Infinity Zoom.


The mobile subscription "Unlimited Swiss" from UPC offers unlimited data, calls and SMS at a highly attractive price. Y&R Wunderman designed a campaign that hypnotizes the infinity factor of this offer.

The different subjects use the Droste effect to create a seemingly endless loop. When zooming into the screen of a smartphone, the smartphone itself appears again and again. The headline "The infinitely good mobile deal" is the main message across all media.


Online banners, out-of-home media, mailings, newsletters, POS material and a double-page spread in Blick as a special format were created. The latter ad shows a seemingly endless spiral of smartphones, which dramatizes the unlimited usability of the subscription. If you look at the screens clockwise, you get a slice of a young person's life in the form of an entertaining, ongoing story. The campaign can currently be seen throughout Switzerland.

Responsible at UPC: Nikki Constantine (Director Brand, Media & Communications), Laura Ballestrin (Manager Marketing Communication), Graziella Gut (Marketing Communication Manager), Ingrid Zaissenberger (Director Content Creation). Responsible at Y&R Wunderman: Swen Morath (CCO), Annette Häcki (CD), Stephanie Belvedere, Andrei Vid (AD), Winfried Schneider (text), Eveline Hagenbuch (consulting).

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