Selfies with a tease: Formeldrei launches AR app for Verfora

Last year, Formeldrei launched a campaign for Verfora featuring the little pests, which are intended to raise awareness of minor everyday complaints such as headaches, nausea or fever. In a further phase, an augmented reality app is now being developed to bring the pests to life.


Kopfus Klopfus and Fiebrus Plagus, together with their colleagues, make the little complaints in everyday life visible and Verfora has a remedy for them. Memory cards are available to take home in pharmacies and drugstores. With an accompanying AR app, you can have the little pests bounce around in 3D and then take a selfie with them.

In addition, every selfie has the chance to win a prize in an online competition. At the POS, incentives to play along will be provided with displays and competition cards. The new Verfora app will also be activated with a national digital campaign featuring banners and movies.


Responsible at VerforaChantal Weibel (Head of Marketing Verfora Pain Ccr); Nicole Hochstrasser (Brand Communication Manager).Responsible for FormeldreiMoritz Adler (creation and concept); Lisa Apolloni (consulting); Lukas Binggeli (art direction). Responsible at Arillo (Online): Arthur Ruppel (Consulting and UX/UI Design); Nicolas Cusan (UX and Development); Sebastian Fischer (Tech Lead and Development); Boutiq: Mike Huber (Director); Chantal Gugger (Producer); Marco Fischer (Producer & Creative Director); Colorbleed (3D Animation).

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