Sir Mary has made marriage for all possible for Alliance at Pride

Sir Mary launched a campaign for Allianz in which over 100 LGBTIQ+ couples were symbolically married at Pride by a priest from Las Vegas. With this action, Allianz wants to expand its commitment in the area of diversity and inclusion.


Over 100 couples of different sexual orientations symbolically exchanged vows at the Allianz Pride Wedding Chapel during Pride weekend. With this action, Allianz wanted to expand its commitment to diversity and inclusion. "We can write diversity on our banner, or we can live it. In line with our claim 'Courage means doing', we decided to do it," explains Thomas Jost, Head of Brand Management and Sponsoring at Allianz Suisse.

Sir Mary developed and implemented the idea of the Allianz Pride Wedding Chapel. "It was part of the concept that this campaign should not only inspire Pride visitors: With a PR value of around 750,000 Swiss francs, we have made it editorially into various radio and television channels as well as various daily newspapers," says Iva Bozovic, Senior Communication Strategist at Sir Mary.

Roland August, a priest widely known in the US and a trained theatre actor, performed the weddings and has had a special relationship with the LGBTIQ+ community for years: "When it was still illegal in the United States, our chapel was one of the only ones that did registered partnerships of couples of all sexual orientations. These people were turned away elsewhere, we accepted them. People marry for all kinds of reasons, but couples who don't do it for family or taxes do it for pure love. That can't be a bad thing! This action has also shown how much people long for marriage for all. I think it's fair to say Switzerland, you're ready for same-sex marriage."

The Allianz Pride Wedding Chapel also received a consistently positive response on Pride social channels.

Responsible at AllianzThomas Jost, Jolanda Heimann, Corina Brunner. Responsible for Sir MaryFlorian Beck, Andi Portmann, Pascal Baumann, Katrin Espelage, Reto Clement, Jennifer Meier, Ria Breitenmoser, Sabrina Huwiler, Nico Hostettler, Iva Bozovic, Daniel Zuberbühler. Booth: Lakrits (design); Brogleworks (construction). Film production: Luc Fighting.

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