Coca-Cola is upside down for the season launch of "Stranger Things" on Netflix

Netflix launches the third season of "Stranger Things" on July 4. Like many fans around the world, Coca-Cola is upside down - with a special limited edition just in time for the season launch.


Coca-Cola is teaming up with Netflix for the third season of "Stranger Things" and, in addition to a social media campaign, is launching a limited-edition can that is "upside down" in the spirit of the hit series. Consumers can also use the QR code on the cans to immerse themselves in a virtual world in which strange things happen and from which they must ultimately free themselves.

"'Stranger Things' celebrates an iconic style with the '80s look, which is revived by younger generations and evokes childhood memories for older generations. The '80s are also a defining time in Coca-Cola's history. That's why we're even more excited to make time travel even more tangible for 'Stranger Things' fans with our Limited Edition," explains Stefan Rothenbühler, Senior Brand Manager at Coca-Cola Switzerland.

The limited edition Coca-Cola cans were produced exclusively for the Swiss market and are now available in retail stores.

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