Sir Mary turns Formula E into "Formula L

In cooperation with Allianz Suisse and Allianz Global, Sir Mary launched a campaign in the context of Formula E in which the claim "Courage means doing" was put into practice.


Shortly before the Formula E race on 22 June, numerous learner drivers in Bern were picked up by the official Formula E safety car driver Bruno Correia instead of their driving instructor as expected. The unsuspecting learner drivers were astonished when the 374 hp safety car drove up. For one day, "Formula E" became "Formula L" accordingly.

Sir Mary has implemented this campaign to make Allianz's long-standing commitment to the future of mobility accessible and tangible to a broad audience, following on from last year's successful Safety Car campaign. Back then, Bruno Correia spent a day chauffeuring surprised Uber customers around the Zurich venue in the Safety Car.

The campaign was developed in close cooperation with Allianz Suisse and Allianz Global. Sir Mary's range of services included idea generation and implementation, PR support, campaign and content production around Formula E as well as media buying and handling.


Responsible at AllianzThomas Jost, Marcel Wolfgramm, Corina Brunner, Tanja Morf, Jolanda Heimann. Responsible for Sir MaryFlorian Beck, Andi Portmann, Pascal Baumann, Katrin Espelage, Reto Clement, Jennifer Meier, Nadine Pachoud, Ria Breitenmoser, Iva Bozovic, Ana Brankovic, Fabian Habisreutinger, Daniel Zuberbühler. Responsible film production: Dynamic Frame; Luca Zurfluh (Director).

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