Matchcom launches marketing campaign for CSL Immobilien

The Matchcom agency was commissioned by CSL Immobilien to implement a marketing campaign for the new Rossweid rental apartments in Gockhausen.


From spring 2020, 66 new rental apartments will be built in Gockhausen where the well-known Rossweid restaurant once stood. The surroundings played a major role in the implementation of the campaign: "The natural location right next to the Rossweid stables has had a significant impact on the property identity and is reflected in the visual appearance," explains project manager Kim Dietschweiler from Matchcom.

For the pre-marketing phase, Matchcom developed a landing page in addition to the visual identity to attract interested parties. The actual marketing was realized by means of large-scale marketing boards, project folders and a website. "We will soon be supplementing the marketing measures with a Google Ad and Facebook campaign, which are almost indispensable today," explains the project manager.


Responsible at CSL Immobilien: Désirée Keller, Debora Zraggen. Responsible at Match Communications: Roland Sennhauser, Kim Dietschweiler.

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