TCS relies on explainer videos from StoryUp in marketing

The Touring Club Switzerland stages various offers with explanatory films. Since May, the first two films about TCS membership and the ETI cover letter have been available online. The videos were produced by the Winterthur video marketing agency StoryUp in cooperation with How2.

Erklärvideo TCS Mitgliedschaft Video Agentur StoryUp Velo und Elektrovelo

The goal of videos: to explain products in an informative and entertaining way and thus increase the incentive to buy. The 360-degree integration of videos on all relevant channels is becoming increasingly important. Dierk Schehrer, Head of Marketing Touring Club Switzerland: "The explainer videos are a relevant part of our campaigns and the customer journey. They are versatile and ideally complement our other marketing measures."

Product videos or explanatory videos are becoming increasingly relevant, says StoryUp CEO Stefan Huber: "Our experience is in line with various studies. More and more people are informing themselves about how-to videos early on in the buying process so that they can then make a decision more easily. On the search engine YouTube alone, the playback time of how-to videos is increasing sharply every year." 

An own explanatory video style was developed for the TCS. The modern and dynamic animations with building shapes are clear and focused on the essentials. With a mixture of entertainment and information, the storytelling ensures that even more complex offers can be presented in a playful way. The integration of the videos on all channels is continuously optimized.

Responsible at the Touring Club Switzerland: Chiara De Simone (Marketing Manager), Alain Götschi (Marketing Manager). Responsible at StoryUp: Stefan Huber (Managing Director), Isabella Arcucci (Author). Production: How2; Sound Mixing: Bloop.

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