"Darko" and "Grillschmöcker Armin" open the barbecue season

Coop is kicking off the barbecue season with two new films and a campaign. TBWA\Zurich and Shining Pictures tell two humorous stories, both of which focus on the variety of the retailer's barbecue products. Contexta realized the corresponding subjects.


Since real barbecue fans also barbecue when the weather is not quite right, Switzerland's largest retailer has been offering the full program for barbecue moments of all kinds since the beginning of May. Vanessa Finzer, Head of Advertising at Coop, says: "With this campaign, we are continuing to focus on customer proximity and the knowledge of our butchers, who are also personally passionate about grilling. 

Just a few weeks ago, TBWA\Zurich launched the new image campaign on behalf of Coop and is now following up with two new films and a cross-media barbecue campaign. After the film "Darko" went on air the week before last, "Der Grillschmöcker" is now also out. While Darko humorously inspires all his colleagues to grill, the Grillschmöcker surprises us with his keen sense of smell for grilled food in his village - and his butchery expertise at the meat counter. The importance of personal advice from the Coop butcher is particularly evident in the second film. The central message in both films is clear: Coop has the right product for every barbecue taste. 

In addition to the two TVCs and the revised "Tsch, tsch" label, new subjects will also be used in print, OOH, online and at POS. The campaign will run until the end of the barbecue season.


Responsible at Coop: Vanessa Finzer (Head of Advertising), Simon Bohnenblust (Head of Advertising Promotions / Sales Promotion), Marc Weber (Project Manager Advertising), Simon Flatt (Head of Media), Karin Heliopoulos (Head of Media Classic), Holger von Ellerts (Senior Project Manager Digital Media). Overall responsibility Creation: TBWA\Zurich; Film Production: Shining Pictures, Voice Recording JingleJungle, Music Production/Soundmix HitMill. Responsible for subjects: Contexta with Pool Films, photographer Ailine Liefeld Photography, banner productions EGPlus, media agency TW Media.

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