Switzerland wants: Heimat Zürich launches new FDP image campaign

The FDP launches a new image campaign. It was created by Heimat Zürich.

After the Zurich agency announced a few weeks ago that it had won the budget of the Free Democrats, the image campaign of what is currently the third strongest party in Switzerland is now starting. It is aimed at the National Council elections next fall. Strategically, the focus is on strengthening the FDP brand and its electability for even broader segments of the population. "The successful Swiss model is based on liberal values. With our campaign, we are now translating what the party stands for into a feeling. Not only our core voters should be able to identify with this, but everyone who wants a successful and forward-looking Switzerland," says Matthias Leitner, Deputy Secretary General.

In contrast to conventional election campaigns, the new image campaign of the Free Democrats is based on a clearly formulated central idea: Switzerland wants. The idea is inspired by the principle of the Swiss nation of wills, but reinterprets it. Will is a quintessentially Swiss concept, it stands at the beginning of everything new and is the motor behind all progress. Will lives from the freedom of individual development - and is thus the basic concern of liberal politics. Will also characterizes the FDP. It means solution orientation, constructive and pragmatic ways and leads to common progress. Heimat Zürich comments: "The FDP brand has a lot of potential in today's zeitgeist, which is characterized by doership, trial and error, and the courage to try something new. The party is not repositioning itself in any way in terms of content, we are just communicatively charging what liberal politics is essentially about."

The multi-phase campaign is launched with posters that establish the central idea "Switzerland wants" in all language regions. The manifesto film complements the campaign launch. Further phases will sharpen the campaign platform with a focus on the elections in the fall and underpin it with concrete political demands. ATL lays the foundation for ongoing online campaigning, and party events are another important touchpoint for the campaign.


Responsible at the FDP.Die Liberalen: Samuel Lanz (Secretary General), Matthias Leitner (Deputy Secretary General), Martin Stucki (Head of Communications). Responsible creative agency: Home Zurich.

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