EBM is now called Primeo Energie - Wirz Brand Relations implements new market presence

The Swiss energy supplier EBM now operates under the brand name "Primeo Energie". Wirz Brand Relations developed the brand identity for it. The aim of the brand change is to make the use of energy ever more sustainable and people's lives ever smarter.


Primeo Energie wants to make possibilities accessible to its customers with corresponding offers and services to use energy more efficiently, more sustainably or simply more cleverly, which they also want to express with the claim "We make life smarter." Wirz Brand Relations developed the new positioning, the name, the new brand identity and the campaign, and the launch will take place in several phases.

The official switch from EBM to Primeo Energie already took place at the end of March as part of the annual media conference and an employee event. A regional campaign has been introducing the new brand to the population in the network area since April. As a sponsor of the Tour de Suisse, which will take place in June, Primeo Energie will then present itself throughout Switzerland. By the end of the year, all digital platforms and channels will have been completely redesigned to meet the growing expectations for an intelligent and needs-oriented approach at all levels.

In view of the changes in the energy market and the planned full market liberalization in Switzerland, the introduction of the new brand is a logical consequence of the growth strategy we have initiated. "The brand change is an important signal and supports our growth plans in Switzerland and France. We will be able to position ourselves even more clearly in the future and offer our customers the expected smartness in topics such as e-mobility, virtual electricity storage or photovoltaics," CEO Conrad Ammann is convinced.

This objective is also reflected in the new name, with which the company is deliberately breaking new ground within the energy sector: derived from the Italian "primo" (leading) and the French "primer" (surpass), Primeo Energie conveys the ambition of wanting to be the first and best choice for intelligent energy solutions. As part of the "Learning World of Energy" aimed at children and young people, the company is committed to ensuring that future generations also live more responsibly and more smartly.

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