Climate Youth, Sir Mary and Shining Pictures activate parents for climate demo

The Swiss Climate Youth wrote a letter to the parents. The media reported throughout Switzerland and over 50,000 people came to the climate demonstrations - the parents' generation was particularly well represented.


In the run-up to the climate demo on 6 April, the Swiss Climate Youth wrote an open letter to their own parents and informed the media. With the headline "We ask you to wake up!" Blick picked up the story: "In an open letter, the View present, the protesters are calling on mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers to join them." 20 minutes immediately printed the entire letter and reported, "Dear parents please fight with us for a future!"


Then the young people turned the letter into an online video. "Wachet uf!" reported for example Watson and headlined, "With this video, the climate youth wants to bring their parents to the demo."

After all, more than 50,000 people took part in the climate demonstration on 6 April throughout Switzerland, with 15,000 taking to the streets in Zurich alone. And there was unanimity about how the large march came about. The Daily Gazette wrote: "The organizers have tried to mobilize especially children and their parents for this climate demo," and confirmed: "Among the participants of the second Saturday demo are many children and parents."

Exactly the same NZZ: "It was noticeable on Saturday that the parent and grandparent generation was also strongly represented." The Bernese newspaper: "For today's climate march, organizers specifically called on parents to accompany their children to the protest. The call seems to have succeeded." Or the Aargauer Zeitung: "It was noticeable on Saturday that the parents and grandparents generation was also strongly represented".

Not different for online media and television stations. Nau reported from Basel: "The young climate activists recently urged their parents to also take to the streets against climate change. In Basel, their call was heard." Schweizer Fernsehen: "Not only schoolchildren should demonstrate this time, said an appeal by the movement circulated in advance." And TeleZüri: "Now the parents are marching too."


Responsible Agency: Sir Mary. Responsible for production: Shining Pictures; Stefan Bircher (producer); Ari Zehnder (director), Nathalie Kamber (camera), André Brauen (sound), André Agustoni (production management); Jingle Jungle (music/sound design); Leuchtturm and FTK (lighting equipment); Eberle Filmequipment (camera equipment).

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