Wirz Activation recruits new tramp pilots for VBZ on social media

Wirz Activation has been working for the Zurich public transport company since the middle of last year. Together with Hutter Consult, the agency has now supported VBZ in the recruitment of new employees.


In their search for new tram pilots for the 15 Zurich tram lines of VBZ, the dialogue advertisers made use of one of the oldest but also most successful means of communication: humour - or schadenfreude, to be more precise.

Creative Director Stefan Dätwyler says: "People want to be entertained. So it doesn't matter whether I have to sell a product or a service or whether I want to present myself in the right light as a potential employer. But it's also a fact: After the first smirk, you have to deliver something relevant. Otherwise, the attention you've just gained is quickly gone again. But fortunately, VBZ has plenty of that to offer."

The campaign, which was designed for three waves and five core target groups, was published exclusively in social media and achieved "dream values" here, according to the statement. This is true both in terms of pure attention and the number and quality of applications. According to initial analyses, the proportion of applicants who successfully passed the pre-selection test improved by 17 percent to 41 percent.


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