PAM Advertising's BDP election campaign generates wide media coverage

The BDP campaign implemented by the agency PAM Advertising "BDP. Langweilig, aber gut." ("Boring, but good") has triggered a major media response and is intended to draw attention to the fact that the BDP pursues a factually oriented centrist policy far removed from ideology.


Among other things, the campaign was published in the SRF daytime news shown, as well as in the View, in which Aargauer newspaper as well as in the Daily Gazette. What was appreciated most about the campaign was the authenticity displayed by the BDP.

The agency's reasoning for implementing such a campaign is that solving political problems is actually an unspectacular matter, but ultimately what politicians are elected to do. It needs objectivity and objectivity, no emotions and mood mongering. And since the political environment is increasingly characterized by left-right spite, the BDP's willingness to compromise and solution-oriented approach is a rather dry and not so exciting matter. The campaign is intended to reflect this with a great deal of self-irony and honesty.

Until the elections in October, various posters will be used in Bern, Zurich, Aargau and Graubünden, as well as social media subjects.


Responsible at PAM AdvertisingParvez Sheik Fareed, Miro Pfister (creation, strategy, consulting).

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