Butcher Rottmann Bürge discovers the original crunch with doubt

The new TV commercial for Zweifel shows that even prehistoric man could not resist the perfect crunch. The new campaign was created by Metzger Rottmann Bürge.

Never in 60 years of company history has Zweifel made a secret of what lies behind the perfect snack: the perfect crunchiness. And, as is well known, the potato chips experts will do anything to achieve this. Undaunted, the creative minds at MRB Metzger Rottmann Bürge have now also traced this primal urge back to its origins. In the process, they came across Homo Cnusperus, the presumed direct ancestor of the doubtful potato chips experts.

The new TV commercial for Zweifel went on air on Monday, May 13. It starts with a leap back in time to the Paleozoic era, where three homini cnusperi plunge headlong into a crunching adventure. Driven by their curiosity, they soon experience firsthand what real crunching means. No shell is too hard for them, no bite too daring, in order to get on the track of perfect enjoyment.

When the crunch hunters suddenly set their sights on the fluffy trunk of a mamut, it becomes too much for it. With loud stomping it marks its territory - and already cracks not the nut, but the first Homo Cnusperus. His colleagues are petrified, and they are still standing in the Museum of Cultural History, where generations of potato chips experts have been carefully studying this milestone in crispness ever since: Because only those who have lived crispiness since time immemorial can also make the crispiest chips.

MRB staged this epic of crispness with director Barney Cokeliss, whose signature has already shaped the previous adventures of the chips experts. It's the first to dramatize MRB's new sharpened doubt claim: "We'll do anything for that." A claim that is just as capable of capturing the origins of Chips Expert as it is the future of the company, the move from chips to snacks expert.

Responsible at MRB: Christoph Bürge (strategy), Silvan Metzger, Roman Steinacher, Celina Sprenger (consulting), Michael Rottmann, Dominic Wirz, Markus Rottmann, Janine Aebischer, Elgee Wee, Veronica Futterknecht, Oliver Spalt (creation), Rosas & Co. (film). Responsible at Zweifel Pomy-Chips: Roger Harlacher (CEO), Christoph Zweifel (Director Marketing & Sales), Philip Honegger (Head of Marketing & Communications), Marc Brändli (Digital Marketing Manager), Pia Gaube (Media & Project Manager).



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