The Big Blue: Thom Pfister stages new collection by Javier Reyes

Thom Pfister creates the campaign for the new spring-summer collection by Bernese fashion designer Javier Reyes.


Designer Javier Reyes, who grew up in Mexico City, has been enlivening and inspiring the fashion scene in Bern and beyond for more than two decades. It is his simple yet sophisticated collections, which always have something profound and mysterious about them, that fascinate his customers.

Blue plays a key role in this year's collection and has inspired the Bernese creative Thom Pfister to create a campaign. The color blue evokes associations with water and its many properties and manifestations - directly as drops, waves, currents or transcendentally as a feeling of depth and intensity or as thoughts of the mysticism of underwater worlds. These diverse inspirations appear as mysterious, playful illustrations in the images of the new collection - sometimes romantic and dreamy, sometimes alienating and subversive, but always with the intention of attracting attention, inspiring and arousing curiosity - just like Javier Reyes' collections.



Responsible persons: Javier Reyes (fashion designer, overall responsibility); Thom Pfister (creative director, illustration); Corinne Stoll (photography); Jarmila Kovacovsky (hair & make-up); Silja Baumann (assistance); Natt Mitrovic (model); Bellevue Palace Bern (location).

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