Matchcom responsible for market presence and branding for Spick News

The first issue of Spick News, the new youth newspaper from Künzler Bachmann, is being published these days. Matchcom has taken on the challenge of developing the market presence and branding of a print title in digital times - and at the same time appealing to parents and young people.


Known is Spick as a school magazine with reports and information. Following the successful launch of MiniSpick, the publishing house Künzler Bachmann is now launching a new product: Spick News, a printed newspaper for young people between the ages of 10 and 15 for German-speaking Switzerland, to be published 30 times a year. ( reported). The communication is aimed at two target groups: On the one hand to the young product users, on the other hand to the product buyers such as parents, relatives or teachers.

The basic idea for the campaign was that teenagers are mirrored in adults. Matchcom's campaign showcases teenagers getting closer to their parents in terms of everyday knowledge - a positive idea in the eyes of both target groups. The naming, logo and claim are deliberately based on the existing branding family. The name "Spick News" works in all national languages of Switzerland, reflects the regular appearance and emotionally picks up the target groups.

In its strategy, Matchcom focused strongly on owned and earned media - by exploiting all opportunities with the help of its partners (Swiss Post, Swisscom, Tamedia, Blick/Ringier and Südostschweiz), its own existing titles, social media channels, websites and media releases. In the area of paid media, the agency relied on classic channels, online and social media. Samplings were also made at schools. On the web, subscribers can expect the landing page simple but strikingly designed - with efficient user guidance.


Matchcom realised two films for TV, cinema, Youtube and Facebook. They show the synchronicity of young people and adults in their search for information with a wink of the eye. The photo shoot for advertisements and static display ads took place at the same time as the filming of the spots.

Responsible at Künzler Bachmann: Andreas Knöpfli, Roger Hartmann. Responsible at Matchcom: Kim Dietschweiler, Christian Staub, Roland Sennhauser.

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