Evolution instead of revolution at Ovomaltine - because longer is better

For Ovomaltine, Jung von Matt/Limmat further developed one of Switzerland's best-known claims "Mit Ovo kannst du's nicht besser, aber länger" ("You can't do better with Ovo, but you can do it longer"). This is intended to open the way for the brand into the hearts of Generation Z. To this end, Jung von Matt/Limmat has reinterpreted the claim and is launching the new storytelling platform "Länger ist besser" (Longer is better).


While older generations associate Ovomaltine with childhood and winter sports memories, Generation Z no longer has the same connection with the cult brand: sports are more urban, skiing is something for their own parents, and young people also have a weaker connection to the brand in other ways - Ovomaltine is in danger of losing its cult status. That is why Ovomaltine, together with Jung von Matt/Limmat, has positioned the brand more clearly as a companion in the everyday life of a more urban and younger target group in a collaborative process. In doing so, the agency and Ovomaltine rely on evolution instead of revolution and humorously show a generation for whom everything has to be instant - instant love, instant feedback, instant career - why it sometimes pays to hold on a little longer.

Content first along the customer journey

Generation Z loves Instagram, challenges, memes and festivals. That's why the campaign platform "Longer is better" also moves in these environments and thus along the entire customer journey. A 365-day content concept consisting of moving images for TV and OLV, social media content, real-world experience campaigns, and various frequency-increasing online and offline measures around the points of sale ensure that Generation Z not only learns to love the brand, but also increasingly reaches for the products in the store.

More ovo, more fun

Three new spots prove that longer is better: the longest high five, the longest roller coaster ride and probably the longest "Ovo Crunchy Cream" bread in the world. The Ovo Rocks Challenge tests Generation Z's marksmanship, the Panorama Challenge challenges their camera skills, and Netflix & Rocks tests their knowledge of Generation Z's favorite series. What they all have in common is that with the consumption of Ovaltine, life picks up speed and fun is guaranteed.


Responsible at Ovomaltine: Christina Kieni Römer (Marketing & Sales Director Wander), Christof Stulz (Marketing Manager Ovomaltine), Simon Schiess (Brand Manager Ovomaltine). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat: Lorenz Clormann, Alain Eicher, Adrian Merz (Creative Direction), Linda Solanki, Lukas Amgwerd (Text and Concept), David Hanselmann, Ben Staudenmann (Art Direction and Concept), Raymi Mendoza (Graphic and Screen Design), Christina Wellnhofer (Digital Strategy), Sibylle von Fischer (Digital Content), Christoph Glaus, Daniel Muther, Vera Riemeier (Consulting), Nico Keramaris (Key Account Management), Dennis Lück (Chief Creative Officer), Stefan Naef (Chief Strategy Officer). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Impact: André Heller (Strategy). Responsible at Markenfilm Switzerland: Lars Timmermann (Director), Florian Studer (Producer), Pierre Castillo Bernad (DoP), German Wahnsinn (Music).

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