Content and form sets the scene for Japanese luxury cosmetics brand

Inhalt und Form handles content marketing for Sensai and stages the luxurious product lines in a social media campaign.


Sensai is known for combining innovative care technologies with Japanese beauty rituals. Inhalt und Form implemented an international social media campaign for the Japanese beauty brand. In different settings, the benefits of the products are highlighted and artfully staged. The campaign is designed to efficiently communicate Sensai's values with targeted measures and to inspire female buyers for the brand with convincing messages. It consists of five films as well as various static and animated images. The campaign is being used in seven European countries.


Responsible at Sensai: Yoshiko Sakurai (General Manager Marketing Division), Nina Weise (Marketing Division - Communications). Responsible for content and form: Dominik Stibal (CEO), Karin Estermann (Executive Creative Director), Mato Bilic (Animation), Gianin Walter (Graphics), Eveline Mathis (Project Management), Bodo Nuber (Content Manager). Photos: Pascale Weber. Movies: Nadia Rosasco, Yanik Müller (Rosas & Co Films), Paulus Bruegmann (Director) Valentin Bärlocher (Camera), Philipp Keusen (Make Up).

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