KSP creates campaign subject for the new gun law

On behalf of SP Switzerland, KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner created the campaign sujet for the vote on May 19.


The task was not to win over the sensible center of Switzerland for the considered decision on the weapons law, which is important in terms of European policy. That should be the task of the campaign committee around Economiesuisse.

The SP Switzerland's campaign is primarily intended to mobilize its own voters as well as female voters to the left of the bourgeois spectrum. It therefore makes the generic but demonstrable statement that more available weapons always lead to more gun violence.

The skull, which is composed of many weapons, is therefore the logical dramatization of this fact, but with the unexpected colorful implementation, the subject definitely comes with a wink.

The subject is used in all channels, including a billboard in major Swiss cities.

Responsible at SP Switzerland: Rebekka Wyler (Co-Secretary General); Philipp Ryf (Campaign Director). Responsible at KSP: Uwe Schlupp (creative direction); Florence Schaffter, Jelena Germann (art direction and graphics); Jürg Waeber (text); Tiffany Gaggia (consulting).

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