New BFU prevention campaign shows road movies for bikers

Reason up - speed down: With a new awareness campaign, the BFU wants to make motorcycling safer so that riding fun doesn't fall by the wayside because of an accident. Short films and social media stories show the world of bikers - and its pitfalls.


With pithy slogans, the "Stayin' Alive" campaign has raised awareness of safe riding among motorcyclists throughout Switzerland in recent years. Now the BikeXperts are joining in: Huevo, Mrs Phoenix and Usseglio. The three passionate bikers and influencers are the protagonists of a new web series with five exciting short films. 

Chevy van as a rolling studio 

From the research results of the BFU, five problem areas have emerged as the main causes of motorcycle accidents: Collisions at intersections, braking, speed, keeping your distance, and cornering. This is precisely what is addressed in the films - authentically and excitingly. In addition to the three influencers, actor André Vital is also involved as a video blogger with his Chevy van converted into a TV studio. He comments on the driving scenes, interviews experts and leads through the stories in a gripping way. The three bikers passionately show how the right tips can make riding a motorcycle even more fun.

A team for Stayin' Alive

Protagonists and film crew alike functioned as a tight-knit team during the shooting of the prevention films. Filming took place on Switzerland's most beautiful motorcycle routes, sometimes while traffic was moving, which required good planning and patience. "The actors are real professionals and put all their skills to work on the set," enthuses project manager Claudia Bucher (BFU). "They never tired of driving the ideal line during repetitions, accelerating or braking in the right place until the scene was perfectly in the can."

The new web series is now available on to see. At the same time, they will be disseminated via numerous social media channels, continuously supplemented with exciting side stories about motorcycling. In addition, starting in April, posters with the BikeXperts' pithy sayings will encourage motorcyclists to rethink their riding style and take a look at the tips on the website. The aim is for as many motorcyclists as possible to watch the videos and adopt the BikeXperts' tips. 

Behind the BikeXperts are strong partners: In addition to the BFU, the Federation of Motorcyclists of Switzerland FMS, the Road Safety Fund FVS, the Swiss Federation of Driving Instructors SFV and the Swiss Motorcycle Driving Instructors Association are on board. 


Responsible at the AAIB: Claudia Bucher (Project Manager), Peter Matthys (Head of Campaigns), Jürg Beutler (Head of Communications); Overall appearance: Les Jaquet (Alexandre Jaquet), Mike Krüll, Kasper Kobel; Video: Maybaum Film (Michel Alraun, Laurent Ulrich, Michel Frutig); Web, content, online campaign and social media: Photo: Rob Lewis Photography.

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