Wirz and UBS create content for the demanding generation

Wirz is continuing the successful youth campaign for the "UBS Generation" banking package in an expanded form.


In order to anchor the "low-involvement topic" of banking even further in the lives of young people, UBS is using well-known Swiss influencers such as Gabirano and Zeki in the new campaign and is launching a content offensive on the topics of consumption and savings. At the same time, the focus is also on the parents of young people who are becoming financially independent. With advisory and informative content, the aim is to give them competence and confidence in matters of financial education - because on the path to financial independence, the support of parents is of crucial importance.

In 2018, the bank embarked on a new path in youth communication together with the Wirz agency: Under the motto "The account of a demanding generation", it let the target group assess the bank package itself. The result was entertaining and authentic short commercials from relentlessly honest young people. The spots are being played out on Instagram, YouTube and - a first for Swiss banks - also on Snapchat.

"The results show that the courage to be authentic has paid off," says Alessandro Monsurrò, Head of Marketing Personal Banking at UBS. "The high acceptance within the target group, the above-average involvement and the leads generated have exceeded expectations." 



Responsible at UBS: Daniel Fischer (Head of Marketing Switzerland Region), Alessandro Monsurrò (Head of Marketing Personal Banking), Deborah Zenerino (Campaign Manager, Marketing Personal Banking), Joel Kettl (Marketing Personal Banking), Oliver Vedolin (Head of Content Marketing & Dialogue), Joël Frey (Head of Content Marketing), Larissa Mörgeli (Digital Marketing Specialist), Maya Kaufmann (Dialogue Marketing Specialist), Thomas Gschwind (Marketing Specialist Print & Branch). Responsible at Wirz: Livio Dainese (CCO), Caspar Heuss (CD), Katrin von 
Niederhäusern (AD), Caspar Heuss, Thomas Kurzmeyer (Text), Naomi Gulla (Graphics), Erasmo Palomba (Agency Producer), Isabelle Jubin, Katharina Erdrich (Consulting), Adrian Huwyler, Björn Bippus-Brender, Angelo Mabellini (XLAB), Cosima Lang, Michèle Roten, Adrian Schräder (Storyline), Martin Frank (Planning), Thomas Peller, Adina Nehrkorn, Corinne Räber (Media Realisation), Rino Frei (Image Editing). Film: Dominik Locher (Director), Gabriel Lobos (DoP). Postproduction: Onfilm, Christian Wehrlin, Michèle Seligmann. Photography: Diana Pfammatter. Sound: Jingle Jungle. 

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