Coca-Cola stages eight Swiss music stars for new "Stories" campaign

Coca-Cola's "Share a Coke" campaign goes into the next round. With "Stories," the campaign name says it all: Swiss slang expressions and youthful word creations around the theme of friendship are now part of the can and bottle design of Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola zero.


The word creations were selected together with Swiss young people. Using the specially developed Coca-Cola app, the words can be scanned, creatively combined, shared and used to win prizes such as festival tickets or clothing vouchers.

To draw attention to the new product designs as well as the Coca-Cola app, a campaign was developed featuring the "who's who" of the Swiss music scene. The "Coca-Cola Music Squad" includes Bastian Baker, Loco Escrito, Stefanie Heinzmann, Nemo, Veronica Fusaro, Nickless, Alejandro Reyes and Damian Lynn. Measures include OOH and eOOH billboards, online videos, influencer content and TV cut-ins. "Together with our Music Squad and true to the campaign claim 'Schriib dini eigeni Story', we encourage people in Switzerland to get creative together and write their own stories. Because what applies to music also applies to Coca-Cola: It's about connecting people and bringing them closer together," explains Stefan Rothenbühler, Senior Brand Manager at Coca-Cola Switzerland.

The "Stories" product designs developed in this country, as well as the "Coca-Cola Music Squad," are designed to strengthen Coca-Cola's local roots and extensive music commitment in Switzerland. The campaign offers fans the opportunity to creatively express themselves in their own language, while strengthening the personal connection between consumers and their favorite products. "Although Coca-Cola's roots are in the U.S., there's an unexpected amount of Swissness in our products. Now even with regionally relevant expressions on our designs. With the campaign and the collaboration with the best Swiss musicians, we want to further strengthen our local roots and the relationship with Swiss consumers," says Matthias Schneider, Head of Corporate Communications at Coca-Cola Switzerland.

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