Y&R Wunderman develops campaign for the world of e-trading by PostFinance

In an entertaining way and with channel-specific implementations, Y&R Wunderman shows how to navigate the international stock market floor as an investor.


When Big Ben rings in your hotel room or you feel like you're in Amsterdam at the Schanzengraben in Zurich, the world moves a little closer together for PostFinance. Because with its e-trading, you can reach the international stock markets anytime and from anywhere. To communicate this, Y&R Wunderman has created two new protagonists, "Zwei von Welt", who explain the advantages and pricing of e-trading in an amusing way. To generate attention for the topic, the "Zwei von Welt" spot was used online.

All users who had seen the awareness spot online were guided closer to the product by the explanatory spot of the "man of the world".

The online spots are played out in a channel-appropriate manner on various web platforms with a trading-savvy target group, as well as on LinkedIn and Twitter, and are accompanied by ads in business-related print titles.


To reinforce the e-trading message, Y&R Wunderman amazes travelers at Zurich Airport with ad-e-motions and digital screens that show surprising parallels between Swiss landmarks and those from around the world. This fusion demonstrates in a likeable way that as an investor you can easily and quickly become a global player - no matter when and where you are.


Responsible at PostFinance: Ursula Käser, Daniel Mewes (steering); Silvan Merki, Tatjana Meichtry (conception); Francisco Moreno, Cynthia Hofmann, Vassiliki Paidoussi (marketing investment solutions / channel management); Pascal Frey, Monika Siegenthaler, Andrea Wey (realization). Responsible at Y&R Wunderman: Swen Morath (CCO); Benjamin Franken (CD); Stephanie Belvedere (concept/art direction); Leandro Correia (graphics); Christian Schirmer (text/concept); Lukas Diem (strategy); Elias Zurbuchen (desktop publishing); Rafael Tucev, Marlon Perini (programming); Tamar Hächler, Doro Beck, Sandro Tschuor (consulting). Film production: Shining Pictures: Leonardo Sanfilippo (executive producer); Susann Henggeler (production manager); Alessandra Dolci (post producer); Felipe Ascacibar (director); Armin Franzen (camera); Photo: Gerd Linnekogel (photographer); Script: Domenico Blass (dialogue). Media agencies: Havas Media: Claudia Gantenbein, Georges Berard (Out of Home, Print). Webrepublic: Janine Lüchinger, Lorin Vögeli, Priscilla Brumm (Online).

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