Unique refreshes Fisherman's Friend with new campaign

The agency Unikat won a pitch and created the new campaign for Fisherman's Friend.


The English pastilles Fisherman's Friend are extremely popular in Switzerland. This is also shown by the market figures, which show that Switzerland has one of the highest per capita consumption rates in the world. The advertising campaigns with the legendary claim "If they're too strong, you're too weak" have certainly also contributed to the popularity.

For a new interpretation of this claim, Dabso, the company responsible for marketing, invited pre-selected agencies to participate in a pitch. The Küsnacht agency Unikat made it onto the winner's podium. They were able to convince with a film idea that fits the brand perfectly, introduces new elements and has the potential for an effective 360-degree communication. The evaluation of the winning concept was supported by an independent and professionally conducted pre-test.

The aim of the current production is to continue to inspire existing consumers, but also to open up new target groups that could not yet be reached with the previous world of the "rough fishermen". In the development of the film idea and its implementation, special attention was paid to ensuring that the story also works in the short and abbreviated formats for digital media. In addition, the story is expanded in reminder spots that refer to the new "Honey & Lemon" flavor. The moving image formats are currently being used as the first means of communication, with further accompanying measures to follow.


Responsible at Dabso: Marcel Rebmann (CEO), Mirjam Stämpfli (Product Manager), Marcel Forter (Head Business Unit Food), Chris Gibson, Michael Geiseler (Impex Management). Responsible at Unikat Kommunikationsagentur: Daniel Meier and Patrick Lienert (creative direction and text), Simone Jung (consulting); Saverio Progano (Mediagenic). Film Production: WirzFraefelPaal Productions, Zurich: Stefan Fraefel (Executive Producer), Nina Wirth (Producer), Jason Fialkov (Director), Eugenio Galli (DoP), Tonstudios Z.

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