A touch of Paris in the middle of Zurich: FCB Zurich launches guerrilla campaign for TGV Lyria

Under the motto "Paris is closer than you think", FCB Zurich launched a guerrilla campaign for TGV Lyria in the middle of Zurich's public transport system.

Many commuters were astonished when three dancers performed a dance act that looked like something out of the Parisian vaudeville Moulin Rouge. And they did so in the middle of the tram, which has been branded TGV Lyria for some time.


With the guerrilla action, TGV Lyria wants to point out that Paris is closer than you think. After all, it only takes four hours to get from Zurich to the heart of the city of love.


Responsible at TGV Lyria: Valentine Achi (Head Marketing Switzerland & Europe), Pascale Bougréau, (Head of Communications), Alice Perron (Brand and External Communication Manager); Charlène Lauber (Assistant Sales & Marketing). Responsible at FCB Zurich: Cornelia Harder (CEO), Marcin Baba (Creative Director), Rebekka Dolenc (Account Director), Paul Labun (Art Director), Fabian Zahner (Senior Copy Writer).

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