"Now it's Christmas!": Coop presents unique festive moments

It's finally here, the time of big and small Christmas experiences. Coop makes your eyes sparkle and shows in an integrated campaign the small and big moments that make the holidays so special.


When does the Christmas season begin for you? Is it the smell of pine needles, the first Christmas cookies, or when your grandparents ring the doorbell with presents? Coop is on the trail of such moments in its current Christmas campaign "Min Wiehnachtsmomänt". Authentic and individual experiences that customers can enjoy, not least thanks to Coop. The smooth cooperation of various specialized agencies also ensured a magical Christmas mood.


What is my Christmas moment?

Based on this question, the full-service agency Valencia Kommunikation created a campaign concept that runs through all measures. Among other things, Valencia designed the POS and out-of-home communication, as well as various print measures that make the heart beat faster with emotional images. For the shoot, a particularly immediate visual language was developed for this purpose. "Christmas feels different for everyone. But we all have that one moment when we feel that the festive season is about to begin," says Tommy Schilling, CD at Valencia Kommunikation, describing the search for the perfect motif. This is how, in collaboration with photographer Gregor Brändli, Christmas subjects were created that are really "taken from life".


Sounding festive mood

The Havas agency delivered an atmospheric TV spot to match. In line with the campaign idea, it also tells many small but fine stories of Christmas moments full of humanity - for once without sentimentality and kitsch, but with a good dose of humor. The song "Sonä Momänt" from the pen of HitMill producer Georg Schlunegger, performed by the successful formation "Härz", provides the right mood. For the six singers from all over Switzerland, this song is their best Christmas present. "As mothers, Christmas has a very special magic for us anyway. And now we get to musically underscore these magical moments for the whole country. Unbelievable! ", says singer Deborah from Valais.

Integrated from image to promo

In addition to the image component, the Coop Christmas campaign also includes various below-the-line measures. With a sophisticated design concept, Valencia Kommunikation ensured that everything from the festive market with around 24 special promotions in print and moving image to the current "Noëlini Kuschelmomente" (Noëlini Cuddle Moments) collection promotion fit harmoniously into the overall concept.


It also shines on the net

In order to bring the Christmas spirit to life on the web, two agencies were called upon. nexum developed a Christmas-themed online presence that incorporates the emotional imagery and color scheme. The campaign site offers a wealth of content and inspiration, from recipe suggestions to gift ideas, and thus places Coop products in an atmospheric Christmas world. The agency dreifive implemented various online measures for this purpose: Standard and special formats with video integration, which, in addition to pure image spots that broadly reflect the overall Christmas moment, also include the topics of crafting, baking and Christmas menus. Here, dreifive succeeded in arousing strong emotions despite limited space, thus supporting the campaign. The large-scale campaign consisting of many small parts makes for a well-rounded Christmas story full of highlights.

Responsible at Coop: Vanessa Finzer (Head of Advertising & Culinary), Cassandra Zamorano (Head of Advertising Image and Own Brands), Kathrin Wullschleger (Project Manager Advertising POS) and Joachim von Allmen (Head of Advertising POS), Rahel Kühne (Head of Social Media & Online Campaigning), Anja Matt (Digital Marketing), Linda Anklin (Digital Marketing) Simon Flatt (Head of Media), Karin Heliopoulos (Head of Media Classic), Holger von Ellerts (Senior Project Manager Digital Media). Responsible at Valencia Communication: Tommy Schilling (Creative Director), Iraklis Hungerberg (Senior Account Director), Mirjam Müller and Tanja Krismer (both Consultants), Stefanie Wirz and Selina Girletti (Communications Planner), Sebastian Refardt (Senior Copywriter), Anne Flückiger (Junior Copywriter), Michael Wenk and Carlo Tagliavini (Art Director), Marc Groth (Motion Designer), Madeleine Knörzer (Graphic Designer), Emanuel Plüss (Head of Polygraphy), Deborah Jeitzinger (Junior Project Manager), Deborah Lanz, Sylvia Schneider, Patrick Hublard and Fabian Matz (Polygraphers). Responsible at HitMill: Georg Schlunegger (Composer & Producer), Fred Herrmann (Producer), Roman Camenzind (Executive Producer), Noemi Mathis (Project Management), Daniel Jerosch (Artwork & Music Video). Photography: Gregor Brändli. Responsible at Tristesse Production: Samuel Steinmann (Production). Responsible at Havas: Reto Schild (Chief Creative Officer), Patrick Beeli (Creative Director), Patrick Bucher (Text), Willem Baumann (Art Direction), Davide Schenker, (Graphics), Peter Schäfer (Strategy), Diana Aberkane (Consulting), Sebahat Derdiyok (Agency Producing), Nathalie Diethelm (Overall Responsibility), Rocket Film (Production), Nico Bayer (Direction), HitMill (Music). Responsible at Nexum: Janina Diederich (project management), Simon Theis (art direction and brainstorming), Bastian Stegen (content conception), Sascha Schindler (editing), Jeannette Schenk and Nadine Schwerfel (design), Sven Lückenbach (development). Responsible at Dreifive: René Schoedon (Creative Director), Torsten Schallmaier (Senior Copywriter / Concept Designer), Benedict Ritschel (Rich Media / Frontend Developer), Imre Rajci (Junior Digital Designer) and Katrin Sprenger (Consulting). Responsible at TWmedia: Stephan Küng (Owner), Sven Däschner (Head of Online), Simon Heiniger (Head of TV), Manuela Renner (Media Planning).

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