James wishes the Mall of Switzerland a happy birthday

The Mall of Switzerland has celebrated its first birthday. James Communications is responsible for the concept.


One year Mall of Switzerland - that has to be celebrated. That's why James was commissioned by the Mall of Switzerland to create an interactive birthday concept. A central key element of O ine shopping was made the centrepiece of the campaign and the event week: the till receipt. Competitions such as "Bring the longest receipt, win 1,000 francs every day" attracted tens of thousands of visitors to the mall for an entire week. The current peak length is 90cm. Of course, there was also a digital highlight. The game "Quittung-Snake" quickly became one of the visitors' favourites.

A congratulation competition with a video booth also sought out the best congratulations and rewarded them with shopping vouchers. As an additional attraction, high-wire acrobat Freddy Nock was also on site until Saturday to provide entertainment with interactive live shows and balance workshops as well as a world record attempt on the final day.

The campaign was promoted with prominent key visuals on various channels and attention-grabbing radio spots, among other things.

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