Coop and Valencia provide cuddle moments

It's getting cosy in the living room again. Valencia Kommunikation was asked to promote a fluffy and cosy promotion for Coop.


Coop is launching the "Noëlini Cuddly Moments" promotion in time for the festive season. Customers receive attractive soft toy rewards for their stamps, some of which have a second use. The stuffed hedgehog, for example, can be turned into a blanket and the little sheep into a cushion. A new addition is a soft cuddly blanket as a bonus for adults. The "Noëlini Cuddle Moments" promotion is therefore aimed at both children and adults.

Between festive and promotional

Valencia was responsible for the entire communication of the promotion. From the naming to the visual, which skilfully stages the premiums, to the numerous advertising measures such as POS communication or animated eBoards. A particular challenge was to integrate the promotion into the design of this year's Christmas campaign. Here, the challenge was to find the right mix of atmospheric festive appearance and sales-promoting promotional communication.


Pushed to the long sofa bench

The moving image for the promotion gives the Noëlinis the appropriate stage. Children and adults make themselves comfortable with the Noëlinis on an extra-long couch. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase the additional benefits of the Noëlinis. The footage is used as a TV spot, but also in the cinema and online as a bumper ad. The matching Christmas music comes from Hitmill.

The "Noëlini Kuschelmomente" promotion runs from 9 November to 24 December 2018 at Coop, coop@home, Coop City and in the Coop Restaurant. Customers will receive one collectible stamp for every 10-franc purchase. With 40 collector's stamps, you get a Noëlini for free.

Responsible at Coop: Sacha Zuberbühler (Head of Marketing Communications), Vanessa Finzer (Head of Advertising & Culinary), Cassandra Zamorano (Head of Advertising Image and Own Brands), Noemi Urwyler (Project Manager Market Development), Kathrin Wullschleger (Project Manager Advertising POS), Rahel Kühne (Head of Social Media & Online Campaigning), Anja Matt (Digital Marketing), Linda Anklin (Digital Marketing) Simon Flatt (Head of Media), Karin Heliopoulus (Head of Media Classic), Holger von Ellerts (Senior Project Manager Digital Media). Responsible at Valencia Communication: Tommy Schilling (Creative Director), Iraklis Hungerberg (Senior Account Director), Mirjam Müller (Consultant), Stefanie Wirz (Communications Planner), Sebastian Refardt (Senior Copywriter), Anne Flückiger (Junior Copywriter), Michael Wenk (Art Director), Marc Groth (Motion Designer), Madeleine Knörzer (Graphic Designer), Emanuel Plüss (Head of Polygraphy), Patrick Hublard and Fabian Matz (both Polygraph). Responsible at Wirzfraefelpaal Productions: Adrian Wisard (Director), Stefan Fraefel (Executive Producer), Nina Wirth (Producer), Rahel Schneebeli (Production Assistant). Responsible at HitMill: Georg Schlunegger (Composer & Producer), Fred Herrmann (Producer), Roman Camenzind (Executive Producer), Noemi Mathis (Project Management).

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