VBZ protects against traffic jams - even in the smartphone

The latest subject of Ruf Lanz's award-winning VBZ campaign dramatizes a modern public transport customer benefit: smartphone use.


While car drivers should not fiddle with their smartphones because of the risk of distraction, on streetcars and buses you can check your e-mails and news, write text messages, play games, tweet, post, like and share while the bus is in full swing. This is an advantage that younger Zurich residents in particular are keen on. That's why the latest VBZ ad features a smartphone in a car cradle, with messages piling up. The winking conclusion: if you switch to streetcars and buses, you are also protected from such traffic jams.

The subject reaches its audience on advertisements in 20 minutes, on the VBZ social media channels and on the driver backboards of the VBZ Züri-Linie.


Responsible at Zurich Public Transport: Silvia Behofsits (Head of Corporate Communications), Elina Fleischmann (Deputy Head of Corporate Communications), Sherin Varghese (Business Support Corporate Communications). Responsible at Ruf Lanz: Markus Ruf, Danielle Lanz (CD), Isabelle Hauser (AD), Markus Ruf, Linda Solanki (text), Armin Arnold (DTP), Anita Roth, Ursula Jaag (consulting). Photography & Image Editing: Michèle Aschmann.

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