"Dear Mommy, dear Daddy, count to ten!"

With the campaign "Ideas from strong children for strong parents - There is always an alternative to violence", the Swiss Child Protection Foundation shows parents immediate strategies to avoid physical and psychological violence in parenting. The creative action alternatives help moms and dads to calm down in difficult parenting situations so that they can then approach their offspring calmly.


In many Swiss families, psychological and physical violence is still part of everyday parenting. In most cases, it is triggered by excessive demands in difficult parenting situations. What do you do when you reach your limits as a mum or dad? The film raises awareness of the children's feelings as well as your own and gives creative ideas that help parents to relieve themselves in demanding situations. These ideas are presented with the help of a special communication tool.

T-shirt as the centrepiece of the campaign

In the film accompanying the campaign, children from Switzerland tell how their parents react when they disobey or do something wrong. Mums and dads will recognise themselves in the children's descriptions, because this is about everyday stressful situations when dealing with their offspring that push them to their limits. How can we behave better in such situations? How can I, as a mummy or daddy, make sure that I don't lose control of myself and that I don't let my words or my hand slip? Child Protection Switzerland also asked the children about this. As simple as the "Ideas from strong children for strong parents - There is always an alternative to violence" sound at first glance, they are just as effective: "Dear Mummy, why don't you count to ten" or "Dear Daddy, why don't you eat a piece of chocolate" are creative alternative actions from the children's perspective that show parents that a brief pause helps them to then react in a considered and calm manner. For the campaign, the children themselves present their likeable ideas on T-shirts - as a source of ideas for strong mums and strong dads.


The "Strong Kids T-shirts" can be ordered now. here can be ordered. The campaign includes films, banners, posters and a campaign website. It has been live since 22 October 2018.

Responsible at Child Protection Switzerland: Xenia Schlegel (Head of Office), Tamara Parham (Head of Communications). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat: Lorenz Clormann, Samuel Wicki (Creative Direction), Matthias Fürst (Art Direction), Evelyne Wyss (Text), Merlin Obrero (Graphic and Screendesign), Emmanuel Diener (Web Development), Daniela Chiani (Strategy), Laura Saner, Adrian Haut, Christoph Kinsperger (Media Relations / Content and Influencer Marketing), Marco Dettling, Andrea Braschler (Consulting), Desirée Lanz, Amina Elmallawany (DTP), Fabrizio Rutishauser (Image Editing), Dennis Lück (Chief Creative Officer). Jung von Matt/impact: André Heller (Media Strategy). External partners: WirzFraefelPaal Productions AG (Production), Nina Wirth, Stefan Fraefel (Producer), Adrian Wisard (Director), Manuel Haefele (Camera), Alessandra Leimer (Photography), Chris Däppen (Photo Assistance), Marlise Isler (styling/props), Roger Schweingruber (styling/props assistance), Nathalie Nobs (hair/make-up), Tania Willen (digital postproduction), Büro Webdesign (website).

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