When the UBS investment idea rings

Publicis has created two new spots for UBS that once again highlight the benefits of UBS Digital Banking.


For about a year now, UBS has been underlining its position as the leading bank for digital banking by promoting its "very practical" products with little stories from everyday life. The campaign makes it clear that UBS has understood today's digital needs.

Now the bank is focusing on mobile banking. In a first wave, the simple account check via smartphone will be addressed. According to the latest findings, this is the most important function for entry into mobile banking. In the second communication wave, the focus will be on a feature that delivers individual investment ideas to the mobile phone via push notifications.

The films developed by Publicis will be used in the next few weeks in the target group-relevant online environment and will be flanked by various print, DOOH and digital measures.

Responsible at UBS: Daniel Fischer (Head of Marketing Region Switzerland), Sonja Kingsley-Curry (Head of Creative Concepts & Campaigns), Anne-Martine Beck (Project Manager Creative Concepts & Campaigns), Marc Délèze (Digital Products Distribution), Sanja Rikanovic (Digital Marketing Manager). Responsible at Publicis: Jan Kempter (text), Andrea Klainguti (art direction), Peter Brönnimann (CD), Meret Lauener, Stephanie Galfano, Martina Fäh (consulting), Suzana Kovacevic (Prodigious). Responsible for production: Markenfilm Schweiz (film production), Markus Hürsch (director), Florian Studer (producer).

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