Rau creates Lego mailing: customers should be amazed by building blocks

How do you market a former Lego production building? The Rau agency shows you.


The Rau advertising agency developed an eye-catching mailing with a small teaser booklet on a real Lego plate. For this, all available sand-colored Lego plates were gathered, the booklet was dispensed, the whole thing shrink-wrapped and sent to 3500 potentially interested parties. Detailed information could be found on the website Sihlbrugg3.ch can be retrieved.


Responsible at KIRKBI Real Estate: Bruno Koller (Portfolio Manager Real Estate), Evelyne Lang-Alberti (Property Manager). Responsible at Rau Advertising Agency: Oliver Rau (overall responsibility), Richard Rau (CD), Christoph Hänsli (AD), Peter Hauser (text) and Manuell Caraballo (graphic/screen design).

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