Interpunkt lets you experience Aarau and the MAG virtually

Interpunkt took the initiative for the city of Aarau and the Aarauer Gewerbetreibender (MAG) market and created an attractive 360° tour. At the MAG stand of Aarau Info, visitors were able to experience the tour even more intensively with virtual reality glasses.


Aarau has many architectural and historical highlights as well as impressive vantage points to offer. The web and advertising agency Interpunkt has combined these places into a virtual 360° tour just in time for the MAG. But that's not all: the MAG can also be visited virtually. Visitors to the website can choose between a short guided tour of the old town of Aarau and a visit to the MAG.

During the city tour, city guide Agnes Henz reveals what makes Aarau so special. There is plenty to discover on the tour, from the postcard view to the Aarau landmark. The virtual tour is designed to encourage people to discover other hidden places in this historic town. If the MAG is chosen, the tour leads through the various locations of the trade fair. From the opening ceremony in the market hall to the exhibition stands on the Graben and the exhibitor tent, there are seven locations to experience. And best of all: the real soundscape makes the virtual visit a highlight. Interpunkt produced the recordings just in time for the start of the trade fair to attract visitors to Aarau. Today, after the trade fair, the review awakens anticipation for the trade fair in 2019.

At the Aarau Info stand, visitors were able to experience Aarau with virtual reality glasses and were delighted, according to the press release.


Responsible at Aarau Info: Corinne Gubler (consulting, marketing & communication), Irene Brantschen (consulting, finance, projects), Corinne Huser (consulting, sales, city tours), Agnes Henz (city tours, projects). Responsible at MAG: Suzanne Galliker (store manager). Responsible at Interpunkt: Fabian Koch (consulting, concept), Christoph Zimmermann (photos, design).

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