With VR glasses from the reservoir to the power socket

Zurich-based VR/AR service provider Bandara has created a virtual reality film for EWZ that brings ecological electricity production to life.


Where does the electricity that powers our smartphones and laptops actually come from? In order to answer this question in the most innovative way possible, the Electricity Works of the City of Zurich (EWZ) relies on virtual reality. For this, the VR experts from Bandara were called in, who designed and produced a 360° film lasting just under six minutes.

In the realization, Bandara combined stereoscopic 360° shots with drone footage and computer-generated 3D sequences. The result is a breathtaking journey that lets viewers float over Grisons landscapes, dive into water and even race through a power cable.

The VR film is now part of the visitor tours at the EWZ power plant Höngg. In addition, it is used at various trade fairs, shown to new EWZ employees at welcome events and ran in a one-minute short version in the VR cinema on the Uetliberg.

"So far, we have received exclusively positive feedback," says Marcel Langenegger, Live Experience Specialist at EWZ. "Many viewers are putting on VR glasses for the first time and are absolutely thrilled with the possibilities."

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