Prevention is a matter of the heart

For many, retirement planning is a topic that is often put off for too long. Zurich Insurance wants to counteract this and is raising awareness of the topic among its target group with a new emotional campaign. It was created by FCB Zurich.


The centerpiece is a film, which is used on TV, in cinemas and online on several channels. The story tells of an emotional father-son relationship over many years. With the film, Zurich is positioning itself as a partner who takes care of retirement planning in the background so that customers can concentrate fully on their loved ones.

Responsible at Zurich Insurance: Andreea Prange (CMO Zurich Switzerland), Priska Kaspar (Head of Campaign & Project Management), Petra Mosberger (Senior Marketing Manager), Daniel Hasenfratz (Senior Marketing Manager), Eleni Zoubos (Senior Digital Marketing Manager). Responsible at FCB Zurich: Cornelia Harder (Owner/CEO), Marcin Baba (Creative Director), Rebekka Dolenc (Account Director), Fabian Zahner (Senior Copywriter), Dominik Brülisauer (Copywriter), Paul Labun (Art Director), Olivier Walther (Image Editing). Responsible at Stories: Yves Bollag (Executive Producer/Partner), Nicole Spring (Producer), Humbi Entress (Director), Jan Mettler (DOP), Wolfgang Weigl (Editor), Billy Bains (Postproduction Producer), 2wei Music (Music), Fabian Sturzenegger (Sound Engineer), Hastings (Voice Recording).

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