Jung von Matt/Limmat and Helsana demonstrate commitment to life

Helsana enters the market with a 360° campaign for the market services "Emergency cover abroad" and "Expert second opinion". Together with the communications agency Jung von Matt/Limmat, Helsana is focusing on the positive customer experience and concrete commitment.


As a leading Swiss health insurer, Helsana always focuses on its commitment to each individual customer. The two market services "Emergency cover abroad" and "Expert second opinion" exemplify not only the broad range of insurance services, but also the brand positioning "Committed to life".

The focus is on the story of a family in which the father suffers a heart attack while on vacation outside of Switzerland and is dependent on rapid help abroad, and that of a woman who suffers from a serious illness and, thanks to the expert second opinion, receives certainty about the form of therapy received.

The campaign was implemented with spots lasting between 6 and 45 seconds and optimally tailored to the respective channel.

The media mix provides for the spots to be played on TV and in cinemas until the end of November, complementing the image spot. A variety of digital, social media and owned media measures as well as print ads, an extension of the campaign and also own points of sale complete the appearance optimally.


Responsible at Helsana: Yves Ekmann, Sabrina Molinari, Thomas Lüthy (Marketing & Communications). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat: Wolfgang Bark (creative direction), Ennio Cadau, Linda Solanki, Frederik Dreier (text), Cansu Sezer, David Hanselmann (art direction), Raymi Mendoza, Ian Musgrove (graphic and screen design), Philipp Siegenthaler (strategy), Fiona Gottwald, Vanessa Anderegg (Consulting, Project Management), Amina Elmallawany, Bettina Beyeler, Desirée Lanz, Fabrizio Rutishauser, Pepe Kägi, (DTP), Cyrill Hauser (Chief Client Director), Dennis Lück (Chief Creative Officer). Responsible at Jung von Matt/play: Natascha Imfeld (Art Buying), Valdita Shabanaj (Junior Producer). External partners: Pumpkin Film (Production): Christopher Novak, Vera Matta (Producer), Andrew Lang (Director), Per Kasch (Photography), Jingle Jungle (Sound Studio), Online Video (Postproduction), Konnex (Media Agency), Vast Forward (Web Development), Panter (Web Development).

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