60 years of doubt: MRB celebrates the most popular Z in Switzerland

For 60 years, Zweifel has been doing everything it can to ensure that Switzerland has the best snacks on hand when celebrating, watching TV or sitting around the campfire. And has thus become one of the most popular brands in Switzerland. MRB is celebrating this with an anniversary campaign that is as close to Switzerland as Zweifel is.


When things get legendary, unforgettable or simply cosy in Switzerland, Zweifel is not far away. Whether with Original Chips, Snacketti, Vaya or dozens of other Zweifel products: Zweifel meets the taste of Switzerland. And that is exactly what the 60th anniversary campaign is conveying to the outside world. With the diverse "Z wie" subjects, MRB shows how many experiences begin with "Z", end with "Z" or simply become a special experience thanks to "Z". The wave of posters also marks the start of the Zweifel anniversary competition, with the chance to win Z experiences worth a total of CHF 80,000.

The anniversary campaign marks the start of a new communication concept that is intended to do justice to the company's evolution from crisps expert to snack pioneer. What began 60 years ago with chips from the home kitchen is now an integral part of Swiss snack culture. Zweifel continues to set new trends with its products and manages to delight young and old alike. And because it wants to stay that way for the next 60 years, MRB is opening the door to everything that is yet to come with its new claim and brand identity: "Zweifel. We do everything for that".

A statement that should proudly carry the commitment of the family business to the outside world. And gets the many experience-hungry snackers just as involved. Don't we all give our best for the most relaxed after work, the most legendary flat-sharing party or the most romantic campfire?

Responsible in case of doubt: Roger Harlacher (CEO), Christoph Zweifel (Director Marketing & Sales), Philipp Honegger (Head of Marketing & Communications). Responsible at MRB: Christoph Bürge (strategy), Michael Rottmann, Beat Egger, Dominic Wirz, Veronica Futterknecht (creation), Silvan Metzger, Roman Steinacher, Anja Bollhalder (consulting).

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