The mail is here - for everyone

With the new campaign created by Publicis, Swiss Post makes its commitment to Switzerland: Swiss Post is there for all 8.5 million people in Switzerland. Public service is anchored in Swiss Post's DNA.


No matter whether you live in a mountain village or in the city. Or whether you prefer to do everything online or prefer person-to-person contact. Swiss Post really does everything it can to be there for all of Switzerland's customers. Swiss Post is constantly adapting its services to people's everyday lives and is always where the people of Switzerland are: at home, on the move and in the digital world.

On the microsite Swiss Post employees themselves show how they are there for their customers in portraits and reports. And in the new image film, we dramatize that Swiss Post knows Switzerland very well. No wonder, after all, the letter carriers visit all four million households in Switzerland six times a week.

Post Kampagne 2018 3
Post Kampagne 2018 4
Post Kampagne 2018 5
Post Kampagne 2018 6
Post Kampagne 2018 7
Post Kampagne 2018 8

Responsible at Post CH: Christina Buck (Head of Brand Management and Marketing Communication), Daniela Ciotto (Head of Marketing Communication), Raphaela Brühlmeier, Matthias Gerber, Michel Sulser, Heidi Bühler, Alexander Simon (Marketing Communication Specialists). Responsible at Publicis: Patrick Suter and Peter Brönnimann (Creative Direction), Michael Brauchli (Head of Art), Marvin Hugentobler, Andrea Klainguti (Art Direction), Albert Matzinger, Linda Egloff (Text), Matthias Städeli, Sandro Looser, Sara Graf, Anna Magnaguagno (Consulting), Thomas Wildberger (CEO). Responsible at Prodigious: Suzana Kovacevic, Sarida Bossoni (Integrated Producer). Production Image Film: Cobblestone Film Production (film production), Henry Mason (director), Philipp Schmalriede (executive producer), Jingle Jungle (sound studio). Production photography: Lina Baumann (photo production), Daniel Shea (photographer), Lina Baumann (producer), Videoblink (moving image production).

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