Real help knows no borders

Wirz Brand Relations shows what "real help" is all about in a new TCS commercial.


The TCS supports its members in all matters of individual mobility. With its unique mix of professional expertise and personal commitment, it is there for them anytime, anywhere. What this really means becomes particularly apparent in exceptional situations. When things don't go according to plan and you urgently need help - on the road in Switzerland or even far from home. Then it's not nice promises that count, but only concrete help: competent, fast and directly from person to person. That is what constitutes the "real help" of the TCS. And that's exactly what Wirz Brand Relations focuses on in the new TCS spot - in a way that almost takes your breath away.

Because the spot doesn't just show concrete emergency situations in which the TCS experts help quickly and competently. It also links the storylines together in such a way that you are literally drawn into the stories. In this way, the new spot gives a small insight into the wide range of assistance services that the TCS offers its members worldwide. But even more important: the intensity and dramaturgy of the spot clearly convey the good feeling of being able to rely on a partner like TCS in an emergency. Because no matter when and no matter where you're on the road - it's just good to know: "The TCS is always by my side."

In addition to the main spot, various short spots are used throughout Switzerland on TV and online.

Responsible at TCS: Nicole Bützberger (Head of Brand Strategy) and Marcus Brugger (Head of Brand Communications). Responsible at Wirz Brand Relations: Thore Lingel (Mandate Management), Marcel Morach (Art Direction). Responsible at Who's McQueen Picture: Clemens Petersson (Executive Producer); Directed by Stian Smestad; Music by Great Garbo; DOP by Bjorn Charpentier. Media: Mediatonic.

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