To each his own Swiss Life

Ruf Lanz launches Swiss Life's new brand identity with a large-scale poster campaign.


More than one million private and corporate clients and a large number of institutional investors in Switzerland place their trust in Swiss Life and Swiss Life Asset Managers. They all have one thing in common: the desire to determine their own lives. This desire cuts across all generations, income classes and genders. Swiss Life's corporate purpose is to help people achieve this.

To live up to this claim, Swiss Life caters to each individual: with individual pension and financial advice for private and corporate clients and with proven investment expertise for institutional investors. This is precisely the core of the new brand identity of Swiss Life and Swiss Life Asset Managers in Switzerland. Because Swiss Life is merging with the lives of its customers. Concise, striking and not to be copied by any competitor.

The campaign kicks off with a large-scale poster campaign throughout Switzerland. The 350 most popular Swiss first names appear on over 7000 billboards - in rural regions as well as in urban centers. The names have been carefully adapted to the different language regions.


In its reduction to the essentials, the campaign works both on classic posters and on digital formats. On eBoards and ePanels, the names change constantly. Countless variations are also shown on public transport. There is hardly anyone who does not discover their own name somewhere. In this way, Swiss Life demonstrates that it responds to each person individually and links the self-determined life unmistakably with the brand. In addition, Swiss Life's corporate client business will also be advertised in various print media. Advertisements for the investment business for institutional clients of Swiss Life Asset Managers will follow at a later date.

Special placements that make pointed reference to their environment ensure additional attention. To name just three examples: "Wilhelm's Life" in the original Swiss cantons (for all those who swear by their independence), "Donatella's Life" on upmarket shopping streets (for all those who like their pensions to be tailor-made) and "Don Giovanni's Life" around opera houses (for women who don't want to make their happiness dependent on a man).

Responsible at Swiss Life: The Swiss Life and Swiss Life Asset Managers teams. Responsible at Ruf Lanz: Danielle Lanz, Markus Ruf (Creative Direction), Dave Schellenberg (Art Direction), Danielle Lanz, Thomas Schöb, Andreas Hornung, Christian Stüdi, Markus Ruf (Text), Hekuran Abdyli, Philipp Tschirren (Graphics), Armin Arnold (DTP), Ursula Jaag (Consulting), Selina Zaugg (Consulting Junior). Corporate Film: Markenfilm Switzerland. Leo Laguna, Amarin Spörri (Editing), Michael Gloor, Christopher Graage (Producer). Motion design: Drastik, Simon Wick. Media: ZipMedia, Caroline Nünlist.

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