No more cuddling

Y&R Group Switzerland created a new campaign for PostFinance on the topic of self-determination.


PostFinance is the bank for everyone who wants to handle their finances independently and simply. Self-determination is also becoming an increasingly important topic for young people as they get older, and not just when it comes to money. In three spots, which represent the central elements of the new campaign, the agency has dramatized in an entertaining way the hurdles that have to be overcome.

With the campaign "Finally grown up!" and the call to "Decide for yourself. About your life and your money.", the campaign uses unconventional stories to address precisely those moments in life when it is time to emancipate oneself from childhood. A plush koala appears in all three spots as a childhood buddy. He is a spoilsport and wants to prevent the protagonist from taking the step towards self-determination. The plush animal doesn't show its cuddly side, but becomes a moody adversary who is up for almost anything. "In the implementation, we wanted to make sure, as usual, that our stories stand out and entertain. In view of the particularly demanding target group in this respect, however, we went one better in terms of humor," says Pascal Frey, Head of Realization at PostFinance.

The campaign created by the Y&R Group, which dramatizes the topic with a great deal of whimsy, is orchestrated with target group-specific social media channels, on online video channels, on online TV, in digital ads, bumper ads and in Swiss Post branches. Everything leads to, where young people can not only opt for a youth or training account, but also find attractive incentives and other products.


Responsible at PostFinance: Ursula Käser, Nicole Walker, Patric Marchand (control); Silvan Merki, Hannah Selina Klotz (conception); Pascal Frey, Rémy Spicher (realization); Giuseppe Luciano, Christoph Mollet, Dennis Lengacher, Lilian Buss, Amanda Bickel, Anja Wenger (marketing retail). Responsible at Y&R Group Switzerland: Swen Morath (CCO), Benjamin Franken (Creative Director), Stephanie Belvedere (Art Direction, Concept), Christian Schirmer (Concept, Text), Sandro Tschuor (Group Account Director), Romaine Brunner (Consulting), Lukas Diem (Strategy), Elias Zurbuchen (Desktop Publishing), Rafael Tucev, Marlon Perini (Programming); Film production: Shining Pictures, Ari Zehnder (director), Rafael Kistler (cinematographer), Leonardo Sanfilippo (executive producer), Alessandra Dolci (junior producer), photo: Peter Hebeisen (photographer).

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